Moos & Co. offers exclusive styling expertise in order to design an experience that Moos & Co. offers exclusive styling expertise. To create the correct mood of any room, we seek to engage the senses by utilizing specific scents, textures, colors, sounds and lighting features that enhance the overall atmosphere. Through hand-picked decorative objects and selected accessories, Moos & Co. ensures that any interior design projects is an exciting process that allows the client to feel truly at home in their new environment.


Moos & Co. aims to provide exceptional organizational and life management services to our exclusive clients. From simple “to do” list errands to the organization of your home and professional spaces, Moos & Co. conciergerie services are here for you. Our services include but are not limited to:


  • Residential Property Maintenance
  • Home organization projects
  • Gather and present home improvement estimates
  • Manage repair and construction projects
  • Relocation packing/moving assistance/unpacking
  • Liaison with home vendors (plumbers, electrician, cable, etc.)
  • House sitting: check mail, water plants
  • Landscaping/tree service/yard cleanup
  • Preparations for House Guests
  • Housekeeping