Founded by Sophie Moos, Moos & Co. is a full service decor & interior design firm based in New York.  An international practice,  Moos & Co has established with with a range of high-end projects.

Moos and Co., a division of DIAMOOS is at the forefront of international luxury home design.  Our philosophy and desire for continuous evolution has inspired us to assemble an extensive and innovative collection of leading European brands.

The result is a selection that combines incredible design, sophistication and diverse creative interpretations with architects, artists, and furniture designers utilized in Moos and Co projects. The goal is to create a highly personalized and  unique home environment for our clients.

With an inspirational background coming from her travels all around the world, and thanks to her European sense of style, Sophie Moos offers the quintessential of interior design.


.She shares her vision of timeless taste by connecting contemporary elegance with unexpected artworks, handcrafts and warm colors.


Passionate by Fine Art and antiques, Sophie brings and collects objects from her inspirational travels. Her unique flair and concern for details are highlighted at every corner of the homes she designs.


“I have a special vision of space, I imagine and I see it finished, it’s a feeling” Moos says.