Rothschild 55

On Rothschild Boulevard in Tel-Aviv, in an old, 1920s building from the eclectic Bauhaus period. Sophie Moos has created a design studio where two periods meet: the fusion of the 1920’s and our contemporary world make this working area a very special environment. The discrete luxury of the furnishings blends with the walls and colored, tiled floors retained from past years creates a delicate fusion of the old with the new.


Offices in gigantic towers that house the diamond exchange. Here shapes, colors and materials come together to form a fine, user-friendly and ergonomic work area: offices are separated only by glass panels, covered in white net curtains. All this is around bordeaux colored resin floors, and contemporary woodwork blending dark wood with white lacquer. Filled with light, the atmosphere is synonymous with brightness… just like a diamond…

Tel Aviv Diamond Exchange Office

A very carefully designed layout for 300 square meters of offices at the diamond exchange. The company, an international leader in diamonds gave carte Blanche to Sophie Moos, allowing her full artistic freedom over the transformation of these unique offices characterized by a view that looks out over Tel-Aviv and an abundance of light that floods the premises.

To Sophie it was only natural that the interior design be based on these two constants. Her challenge was clear: to plan the lightest, most sophisticated design possible, echoing the transparency of the structures. She used the best modern materials: wood, concrete and corian.

Sophie aimed for a modernist, Bauhaus atmosphere. With the help of Itai Baron, prize winner for industrial design at the Shenkar Institute, they succeeded in creating a space that focused on light and concrete as an integral part of the project. In line with the owner, a collector and aesthete, artworks were selected to round off the decor of this beautiful office space.